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Il comportamento organizzativo

Are we confident that organisational culture and managerial skills are focused on solving the most significant problems of a modern company? Without any recriminations about the past, what can we do better in future?

By reflecting on work practices and processes, performance and strategic vision, this book proposes new leadership tools for a new century.

(Italian version only)

Leadership tra passato e futuro

This book focuses on trends that are prompting questions about the very essence of leadership today.

Paradoxically, the great leaders of the past are among those who have a tried and tested recipe for the future. In an imaginary dialogue with the author, historical figures such as Socrates, Roosevelt, and Mandela suggest a new style of leadership based on their personal examples, providing authoritative solutions through the speeches they uttered at key moments of their public life.

(Italian version only)

I cani della Groenlandia

When writing about leadership, the question many authors have tried to answer is ‘What makes a great leader?’ This book overturns the concept to answer a different question: ‘What do all those who are willing to follow a great leader want?’

In this short story, which is packed with meaning, the author analyses followers’ decision-making processes in order to develop an action plan for building a meaningful and ethical relationship between leader and followers.

(Italian version only)

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