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Undertaking organisational change

Fabio works with stakeholders across the business, including senior leaders, HR and change teams to sustain performance, engagement and resilience in times of change.

Why is it important to address this issue?


We all know that performance, wellbeing and engagement often dip when the people-side of change is undervalued. Yet, research has found that employees’ skills, knowledge and wellbeing are not always at the top of their leaders’ priority lists.


We also know that people seem to be hardwired to resist change. Stress, discomfort and avoidance are all natural responses to new and ambiguous situations. They must be expected, understood and managed during any organisational change.


Being on the front foot by putting the right frameworks, skills and mindset in place can help to develop a strategic foresight and manage uncertainty, increasing engagement, productivity and resilience throughout change.

What problems does Fabio help to solve?

  • “We are embarking on a big change (such as IT or process implementation, M&As, restructure or culture change) and we need to keep people engaged throughout”

  • “We want to make sure we motivate and retain our talent during and after organisational change”

  • “We need to help our managers to become better at leading people through change”

  • “We need to integrate our businesses quickly, without impacting on performance”

  • “We need to launch a new strategy or set of values”

  • “Our transformation plan isn’t delivering because people haven't bought into it”

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