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Changing organisational culture

Organisations are often so daunted by the challenge of culture change that they don’t know where to begin. For this reason, Fabio analyses their unique culture and identifies what changes are necessary to create performance shift.

Why is it important to address this issue?


Organisational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave within a company. It is a key ingredient of organisational effectiveness and sustainable competitive advantage.

In fact, research indicates that culture significantly impacts on various measures of organisational performance including revenue growth, net income, productivity, absenteeism, creativity, and employee retention. Emerging trends even suggest that its influence is likely to become stronger over coming years.

Despite its importance, many business leaders remain baffled by what their culture is, what it does and how to change it. However, the careful crafting of organisational culture is now a business imperative. A dysfunctional organisational culture can destroy any well-defined business strategy. Organisations must get to grips with the art of culture change if they are to keep up with their competitors and retain their talent.

What problems does Fabio help to solve?

  • “We need to identify the best individuals to lead our culture change”

  • “Our organisation’s values do not align with how people behave”

  • “We want to really understand the culture of our organisation”

  • “Our culture is holding back performance”

  • “We need people to buy into our culture change”

  • “Our culture is stifling employee engagement”

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