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Solutions are based on cutting-edge research in the fields of human resource management (HRM) and organisational behaviour (OB).

Fabio is a member of the Magellan Research Centre at iaelyon School of Management in Lyon, France, where he conducts independent research in partnership with a wide range of businesses, to explore the challenges of managing, leading and developing people to create sustainable, high-performing organisations.

His network is composed of top leaders, HR managers, entrepreneurs and specialists who deal with business development, human resources management, and organisational behaviour issues on a daily basis.




Your issues and challenges are unique and so they are treated that way. Although no one knows your organisation better than you, sometimes new eyes and hands are needed to read an organisation and implement solutions that lead to sustainable high performance. In partnership with you, Fabio designs programmes that fit into your organisational culture and address  all your training, leadership and development needs.


His experience in interpreting team dynamics is often an invaluable asset to support clients’ motivation and performance.


For over ten years Fabio has designed, developed and implemented adult learning programmes in different fields for diverse audiences. He has worked with many private, public and non-profit organisations. He has taught courses on Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan University and Oxford Brookes University.



Although not everything we value in life can be measured, we can always recognise its impact on us, just like we can do when we listen to the beautiful sound created by a violin.


Training and development programmes are no different. Many executives believe that nothing is more important than seeing a positive impact of training and development on people and their organisations. With a career in training and development, Fabio has solid experience in evaluating learning paths. In the design phase of a programme, he sets out clear KPIs to measure the impact of the intervention on the participants’ performance. With your consent, he interviews participants’ direct managers to gather qualitative information on the change in participants’ working habits. Then, with clear and simple graphics he represents the shift in your people’s behaviour – comparing pre, ongoing and post data related to training and development – to demonstrate the return of the investment even in quantitative terms.



If you need a speaker, the success of your event is Fabio’s top priority. He delivers speeches that are designed to be remembered. His aim is to inform, entertain and motivate even the most demanding and diverse audiences. He treats the audience with respect by ensuring that his contribution is personalised and relevant to the participants’ role in their organisation. He aligns his message with the theme of the event and ensures that his contribution complements the other scheduled activities.

If you need support to face a new business challenge, Fabio will help you accomplish the four fundamental steps of organisational development: evaluating the capabilities and potential of your people; defining a strategy to improve organisational effectiveness; designing organisation development interventions; and managing change.



Whether you are listening to his speeches, attending his master classes or exchanging ideas on a project with him, clients’ feedback is always the same: the experience of working with Fabio gives enthusiasm and energy, because he is creative, innovative and prepared.

What clients experience is something unique: an effervescent mix of advanced knowledge of management and leadership topics, a strong sense of community and the awareness that everybody is oriented towards excellence. The classroom-based courses, debates and conferences are training and development opportunities in which sharing experiences and best practice enriches today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

The methodology used in the classroom is learner-centred: everything revolves around the participants’ needs, not the facilitator’s. Analysing real business problems and discussing case studies play important roles, alongside practical exercises and much more.



Innovating is a need for those who want to grow. In order to satisfy it, preparation is required. Fabio never stops learning and sharing the benefits of his discoveries with clients. His natural curiosity and multidisciplinary university education – developed through four degrees in engineering, economics, human resource management and education – provide insights and interdisciplinary links to each topic being dealt with.


Using appropriate analytics tools, Fabio identifies the needs of your organisation’s development to meet your strategic and operational priorities. He assesses the organisation’s capability to absorb organisational development interventions as well as potential risks and impact on business performance. He develops organisational interventions that respond to strategic priorities by ensuring alignment and integration between structure, capabilities, systems, processes and corporate culture.

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