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Developing the workforce of the future

Fabio works with organisations to develop strategies and learning environments that will enable them to thrive in the not-so-distant future of work.

Why is it important to address this issue?


The future of work is predicted to be dramatically different from the present. Millennials comprise a growing proportion of the workforce and they bring with them a new perspective on work. Work-life integration is becoming a priority, people want their organisation’s values to align closely with their own and they want flexible working hours and location. 65% of millennials even claim that they would take a pay-cut to have a job they found interesting and engaging.


Platforms for communicating will also change. As remote teams become more common, preferences are shifting as to how communication and development should occur. For example, it is anticipated that video conferencing will overtake email as the preferred collaboration tool.


Organisations need to quickly get on the front-foot to meet the requirements of the future workforce and ensure they attract and retain future talent. Tech-enabled learning solutions are becoming a core component of L&D programmes. These programmes will need to feel meaningful to learners if they are to ensure engagement and development.

What problems does Fabio help to solve?

  • “We need support maintaining engagement within our remote teams”

  • “We have never worked with digital solutions before”

  • “There is a significant disconnect between our younger and older employees”

  • “We need to launch a large-scale tech-enabled learning programme”

  • “Many of our new starters leave within six months”

  • “We need support shifting to a more flattened leadership structure”

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