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Communicating your vision and values

Fabio helps organisations to communicate their vision and values across the whole business, working with cross-functional teams to create compelling stories and effective communication strategies.

Why is it important to address this issue?


If employees do not see how their role and the latest strategy are aligned with the organisation’s vision and values, their engagement and productivity are likely to dip.

This is particularly important for employees who don’t have much contact with Head Office and may miss out on discussions and time to make sense of a strategy. As remote teams and flexible work locations become more common, effective communication strategies are changing and becoming even more important.

Resistance is a natural response to change. Leaders must be able to ease employee concerns and create excitement around their plans. Organisations need to be skilled at crafting a story, which meets the needs of people throughout the business. By effectively communicating the vision, employees will be able to attach meaning to their work and live out the organisation’s values.

What problems does Fabio help to solve?

  • “We need help creating a compelling story around our vision”

  • “Many of our employees are not actively engaged with our business strategy”

  • “We need support developing an internal communications strategy”

  • “How do we measure the impact of our internal communications?”

  • “We want to develop our leaders as communicators and storytellers”

  • “We need support communicating our next change”

  • “Our employees are not living our values”

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